your source for profitable insights

your source for profitable insights

Understanding Relationships

Ideal Man Club presents LOVE LINE

LOVE LINE is back, and we partnered with Prime Investments because let’s face it, your love life is one of your Prime Investments in time, money and thought.

If you get your love life right, it can give you a tremendous return in happiness and life motivation.

If you get your love life wrong, it can cost you BIG (and for you younger people, that is a BIG understatement)!

That’s why we are excited to offer you easy to get tips from Experienced Men sharing their experience to help YOU, the next generation to succeed.

Is there a fee for this service?

  • No. 
  • Love Line is a Tips for tips mentoring program. An Ideal Man knows there are no free rides in life for men. So though we don’t charge you a fee to help you, we let you decide what you want to Tip your mentor.

So, how’s your love life?

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Experienced Men mentoring young men, to be “The Guy” women dream of!

… and of course, helping young open minded women to understand how to be “The Gal” men truly want to be in a relationship with, for a mutually exciting & amazing romantic life!

Common FAQs from

young men

1. Why Am I Nervous Around Women?

2. Why Can’t I Approach Women?

3. There’s This One Girl I Really Like. How Do I Get Her?

4. What’s The Best Way To Get Women?

5. How Can I Get My Ex Back?

6. How To Get The Number?

7. What’s The Best Opener?

8. Why Can’t I Ever Get To The Next Step?

9. When Is The Perfect Moment To Go In For The Kiss?

10. Where Should I Take Her On The First Date?

11. What To Do When She Doesn’t Reply To My Texts/Calls?

12. Why Do I Keep Getting Rejected?

If you’re struggling with girls/women, just reach out (through the form above).

Experienced Men are here to show you how simple it can be.

Experience is NOW on your side ; )