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your source for profitable insights

Job Openings is a Leading Indicator

Job openings is an accurate leading indicator for the unemployment rate. The recent divergence points to the unemployment rate likely to move higher. You can research more unemployment charts on Prime Investments here from the search box above, or just click this link:

Bear Market Probability Model

The Bear Market Probability Model analyzes market factors like economic indicators and market sentiment to estimate the likelihood of a bear market. This tool compares current conditions to historical data to inform investors of potential risks and opportunities. It’s a helpful asset for informed investment decisions and portfolio adjustments, maximizing returns while minimizing risks.

All Employee Temporary Help Services

Pro Tip All Employee Temporary Services is traditionally a better leading indicator than NFP (Non Farm Payroll) All Employee Temporary Help Services  There’s a lot of focus on the Unemployment numbers and Non-Farm Payroll. And rightly so, but to gauge a coming recession, I believe All employee Temporary Help Services is a better indicator. Vibe […]

Weekly Unemployment Jobless Claims

Pro Tip Weekly Unemployment Jobless Claims is a leading indicator. Weekly Job Less Unemployment Claims The Bottom Line …  Jobless claims are the number of people filing weekly to receive unemployment insurance due to not having a job. That makes Jobless Claims an important leading indicator of the health of the economy. If jobless claims are […]

Manufacturers’ New Orders for Durable Goods

Pro Tip Manufacturers’ New Orders for Durable Goods is a leading indicator. Manufacturers’ New Orders for Durable Goods … important indicator! Manufacturers’ New Orders for Durable Goods is generally a leading indicator. An increase in new durable goods orders signifies an economy trending upwards. Like wise a drop in new durable goods orders implies a […]

US 10 Year Bond MINUS US 2 Year Bond Spread

Pro Tip This is a FAR leading indicator!! Why is the 10-year US Bond to 2-year US Bond spread important? A negative 10-year and two-year U.S. Treasury bonds yield spread has historically been viewed as a precursor to a recessionary period. A negative 10-2 spread has predicted every recession from 1955 to 2018, but has occurred 6-24 […]

Producer Price Index (PPI) vs Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Pro Tip The CPI is a leading indicator for FED monetary policy. And the PPI is a leading indicator for the CPI. Why Producer Price Index (PPI) Is Important? Inflation factors are probably the second-most-watched indicator after unemployment data, as it helps investors deduce the future direction of monetary policy. However this can be considered […]

Retail Sales is a leading indicator

Pro Tip Retail Sales is an early indicator of the economy health and probable direction to come. Retail Sales, a leading indicator for economic health The retail sales report is a measure of all sales by U.S. retail stores. Its rise and fall can have a direct impact on the stock market, or at least […]

Retail Sales vs Consumer Credit Debt

Pro Tip Retail sales is a leading indicator.  Consumer credit is a lagging indicator. What Is The Importance of Retail Sales? Retail sales represent a key macroeconomic metric that tracks consumer demand for finished goods. Consumer purchases of durable and non-durable goods are compiled in a report. The retail sales report helps analysts and investors gauge the […]